Importance of Good Oral Health during Pregnancy

Importance of Good Oral Health during PregnancyWhen you find out that you are pregnant, you naturally want to focus on the baby and your gynecologic health. However, it is also important to maintain your good oral hygiene because oral health complications can lead to problems with your general health.

Oral health problems can affect your pregnancy even before it begins. According to a study by researchers at King Edward Memorial Hospital in Perth, Australia, the presence of periodontal disease can impact the time it takes to conceive, especially among non-Caucasian women. The impact of periodontal disease on fertility was approximately equivalent to the effect of obesity on fertility. The presence of either of these conditions raises the woman’s risk of taking a year or more to conceive.

In addition to conception, oral health and pregnancy are linked in many other ways. During pregnancy, a woman’s saliva becomes slightly more acidic, raising her risk for developing tooth decay. In addition, women who experience morning sickness are more likely to experience tooth decay because their teeth come into contact with gastric acid from vomiting. In addition, some pregnant women experience loosened teeth because the increase in estrogen and progesterone affects the ligaments and bones. Finally, the hormonal changes may cause an increased risk for gum disease.

All of these oral health problems can have a negative impact on your overall health. As a result, it is important to maintain your oral health regimen and to visit your Northridge dentist regularly. Our Northridge periodontal treatments specialist can treat you for periodontal problems as well as perform routine cleanings and examinations to keep your mouth healthy during and after pregnancy.

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