Importance of Oral Care for Expecting Women

Importance of Oral Care for Expecting WomenThere will be thousands of things going through the head of an expecting mother, and this period can be difficult for all parents that are looking to carry out the steps required to have a happy and healthy baby. In addition to the diet and exercise plan that has been suggested by the mother’s primary healthcare provider, all those that are pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant should understand the importance of oral care during these few months period.

Due to the huge changes to the mother’s body along with hormones, a pregnancy can take a serious toll on one’s teeth and gums. Pregnant women are at a very high risk of developing a number of serious issues including dry mouth, dental caries, and gum disease. In order to prevent this, all mothers should schedule an appointment with our Northridge dentist before the pregnancy, if possible, and another during the second trimester.

During these quick and painless checkups, we will be able to offer essential services, such as a thorough oral examination and dental cleaning that will dramatically reduce the mother’s chances of developing any of these health complications. We also suggest that all mothers avoid any serious procedures while pregnant. It is important to avoid any dental services that will put undue strain on the body and potentially affect the child.

If you or a loved one is currently pregnant or considering becoming pregnant, contact Northridge Dental Group today and take those important steps towards protecting the mother as well as her baby.

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