Importance of Preventing Injuries to the Face

Importance of Preventing Injuries to the FaceFacial injuries can happen to anyone. Whether you are playing in a company softball game or driving on the freeway, accidents happen. Not every facial injury is preventable, but you can take steps to safeguard your mouth and face to prevent the need for restorative dentistry treatments.

Always wear a mouth guard and/or a helmet if you are playing in a sport where facial injuries are common. A wide variety of face masks, mouth guards, and even helmets are available for contact sports, high risk sports, and sports involving balls. Ask your local sporting goods representative for help selecting the proper gear for your sport. If you still need help, or if you have questions, our dentist in Northridge, can provide recommendations for the proper mouth protections for your sport.

When you drive, do not text and drive and avoid talking on your cell phone while you drive. Each year, more and more car accidents are caused by text messaging and distracted driving. Facial injuries that result from car accidents can be devastating and can involve complex dental restorations and months or even years of work before your smile is completely fixed.

If you do suffer a facial injury, as a result of an accident, seek the proper medical care first. After you visit your physician, contact our office. Our dentist can assess the damage and form a treatment plan for fixing broken teeth, knocked out teeth, and other dental injuries that can result from a trauma to the face.

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