Important Reasons for Brushing Your Teeth

Important Reasons for Brushing Your TeethOur Northridge dentist recommends brushing at least twice a day to ensure attractive teeth, healthy gums, and a radiant smile.

Losing teeth due to dental decay and gum disease can be embarrassing. While implants and other advanced dental techniques are used to deal with tooth loss, it saves time and money to simply brush your teeth. Engaging in consistent tooth brushing can help you avoid unnecessary dental work.

Our Northridge periodontist takes oral health very seriously. Individuals that don't brush regularly may develop gingivitis. Often, without intervention, the gingivitis begins to spread. Individuals begin to lose the alveolar bone around their teeth, as a result, tooth loss occurs.

Periodontitis, a very serious disease, can lead to even more acute conditions. Poor gum health has been demonstrated to increase the risk of dementia by thirty to forty percent. Lingering bacteria in your mouth can also pass through your blood stream into your brain, ending in a stroke.  Individuals suffering from gum disease are eight times more likely to increase their risk for rheumatoid arthritis. Bacteria in the gums leads to increased protein production. In turn, this produces a reaction from immune systems that can result in serious joint issues.  By committing to twice-a-day brushings, individuals can enjoy a whole host of benefits.

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