Important Reasons for Visiting Your Dentist

Important Reasons for Visiting Your DentistSome people forgo visiting the dentist because they erroneously believe that there is no reason to visit the dentist unless you have a problem. This is not true. Regular dental visits do a lot more than just whiten your smile.

During your visit, our Northridge dentist, checks your mouth for several problems in addition to cavities and periodontal disease. His examination can reveal whether your overall health is suffering. For example, by looking for key symptoms, our dentist can determine if you are suffering from anemia or vitamin deficiencies. In addition, many bacterial and viral infections begin with harmful bacteria that flourish in your mouth. Our dentist monitors the general health of your mouth as well as the growth of this harmful bacteria, which can help to prevent serious illness. Examining your tongue and mucous membranes can also reveal if you are dehydrated and need fluids.

If you are a smoker or a drinker, you have additional reason to visit your dentist. Our dentist looks for signs of precancerous lesions on your tongue and in the soft tissues in your mouth that may indicate the development of cancer. Early identification of oral cancer and cancers of the head and neck can save your life.

Finally, regular professional cleaning that you receive at the office benefits your health as well as helps your teeth look whiter and brighter. Professional cleanings strip away tartar and plaque, as well as harmful bacteria. When these bacteria enter your bloodstream, they can infect your lungs and cause pneumonia, or even lead to a heart attack or a stroke.

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