Increased Risk of Dementia with Poor Oral Health

Increased Risk of Dementia with Poor Oral HealthDementia is a serious condition that can lead to extensive cognitive declines. Patients can have impaired memory, difficulty solving problems and attention deficits. Researchers at the University of California have revealed that poor dental hygiene and health can increase the risk of developing dementia.


According to the study, patients who brushed less frequently than once a day were 65 percent more likely to suffer from dementia. Dementia patients are also at an increased risk of suffering from periodontal disease and tooth decay, according to the United Kingdom’s Alzheimer Society. Those who have lost teeth were also at an increased risk of developing dementia. Dementia patients may also be more likely to develop dental health problems, particularly if the patient is struggling to brush or forgetting to brush.


Good dental hygiene habits may be able to do more than just keep your smile fresh. They may also be able to keep your brain and your body healthier. Brushing, flossing and visiting our dentist according to recommendations can keep your teeth strong and your gums healthier, and it may even reduce your risk of dementia.


Unfortunately, while most people know to brush twice a day, few people do, as this study revealed. Our dentist recommends using a soft-bristled toothbrush when you brush. Electric toothbrushes can be easier for those with reduced dexterity. Fluoride toothpaste can further protect your teeth and gums, and flossing at least once a day can reduce overall bacteria levels.


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