Link between Obesity and Tooth Loss

Link between Obesity and Tooth Loss

If you think that being obese ends with physical appearance, you would be wrong. A recent study by a group of Japanese researchers has shown that there is indeed a strong correlation between obesity and the dental problems of tooth loss and gun disease.
The primary reason for this connection comes from the revelation that the obese study subjects were less likely to eat a diet full of healthy vegetables, preferring instead more fatty foods. However, of the 800 university student subjects in the study, there were indeed overweight individual who ate a healthy diet. These individuals were singled out because these participants were shown to be at the baseline level for frequency of development of gum disease.

As a result, the findings of the study are decidedly clear in one major regard: eating plenty of fresh vegetables can have a profound impact on your dental health.

Unfortunately, obesity is on the rise across the globe and healthy eating habits are becoming more rare. In fact, few Americans eat the recommended number of vegetables per day, which is having a profound effect on their oral health. In fact, since eating the proper amount of vegetables per day has been proven to be a significant factor in preventing gum disease, the news from the CDC that half of American adults suffer from some form of it is concerning. Since vegetables are so effective at preventing oral health problems, this suggests that very few adults get the requisite amount of vegetables per day.

Unfortunately, many people have no idea if they have gum disease, which can lead to tooth loss. To find out if you might have it, schedule a dental exam today.

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