Menopausal Changes and Your Oral Health

Menopausal Changes and Your Oral HealthMenopause is a hormonal change that women will go through as they slowly get older, and these changes can have a dramatic effect on the state of their teeth and gums.  For those that would like to keep their smile as healthy and beautiful as possible during this period of time, it is important to understand how menopause affects one’s teeth and the steps that our Northridge dentist can take to help you preserve your health and happiness.

Anytime that the body is under stress or when hormonal changes are taking place, there will be an increased risk of periodontal disease.  Periodontal disease is an extremely common oral health condition that begins with gingivitis, or minor bleeding and swelling of the gums.  This inflammation is caused by an excessive amount of plaque and tartar in the mouth that will interact with foods and beverages that are ingested to produce bacteria that will attack the teeth and gums.

During a woman’s biannual checkups, our Northridge periodontal treatments specialist can quickly remove this plaque and tartar to reduce the patient’s risk of developing gingivitis or periodontitis.  Our friendly dental specialist can also utilize dental x-rays at regular intervals to carefully inspect the state of one’s jaw, as this is a period in which the woman will be at an increased risk of thinning bones that may affect their teeth.

If you would like to preserve your smile and your oral health during this period, contact our office to schedule your next comprehensive dental exam.

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