Mistakes You Make in Your Oral Care

Mistakes You Make in Your Oral CareIn the past, tooth loss with age was just a fact of life. Today, we can expect to enjoy a lifetime of healthy smiles if we practice good dental habits. Unfortunately, some of us may be inadvertently damaging our teeth.

  1.  Aggressive brushing habits
    Harder or more aggressive does not equal cleaner or better when it comes to brushing your teeth. The protective enamel layer on your teeth is designed to be durable, but aggressive brushing techniques can result in leaving microscopic scratches on the enamel. It can also damage delicate gum tissues. Instead, use gentle circular motions and a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean your teeth. This allows you to dislodge plaque and debris without damaging your smile.

  2.  Speeding through
    A quick brush and swish is not enough to get all the surfaces of your teeth clean. Unfortunately, one study revealed that most people only spend about 45 seconds brushing their teeth, a far cry from the recommended two minutes. Use a timer to make sure you are brushing at least two minutes.

  3.  Failure to floss
    No matter how thorough your brushing habits are, you simply cannot reach every surface of your teeth with a toothbrush, which is why flossing is so essential. Food particles and plaque tend to build up along the gumline and between teeth where they can do substantial damage if they are not removed. Flossing once a day can keep these areas clean and reduce your risk of gum disease and tooth decay.

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