Multiple Dental Implants

Multiple Dental ImplantWhen several teeth are missing in the mouth, a fixed bridge attached to implants works very well. It offers the type of stability that traditional dentures cannot provide. With multiple dental implants, you will have the strength of natural teeth and be able to enjoy any type of food. A fixed bridge attached to implants works especially well for back teeth that are missing, as it affords the type of stability that back teeth need for proper chewing of food. It will also prevent deterioration of the jawbone and maintain the appearance and structure of the face.

After an examination has been performed, four to five visits will be required to take care of the entire procedure. There may be a minimal amount of bruising and swelling of the gums and soft tissue following the implantation treatment, which should respond favorably to regular painkillers. You will be able to return to work the following day.

Missing multiple teeth is embarrassing and causes a lot of problems. Fortunately several types of multiple dental implants are offered at Northridge Dental Group that can easily replace the missing teeth.

At the beginning of the procedure, implants are installed into the gum in the location of the missing teeth. One session is usually all it takes for this step. A temporary bridge will be provided at this time so that you will be able to go about your normal routine.

It may take up to two months for the implants to join with the jawbone. The time may vary with each patient. After integration has occurred, the permanent bridge is then attached. This type of multiple dental implants is very strong and durable. It will function as well as natural teeth and look just as though your original teeth were still in place.

An alternative to this type of implant would be a removable partial denture. It is made of plastic and metal, so it cannot be expected to have the esthetic appeal of a fixed bridge attached to implants. A removable partial denture is easy to install, and existing teeth are not affected. But a partial denture may not be the most comfortable to wear and is also costly to create.

Our  Drs. will take the time to discuss with you the best option for your particular situation.

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