Myths about Pregnancy and Dental Treatments

Myths about Pregnancy and Dental Treatments

Pregnancy on the internet can be a paranoid topic. A lot of the information contradicts itself. When it comes to dentistry, the newly expectant should not read too much into most of the reports. Keeping a normal dental routine will not only not impact the pregnancy, it could help both mother and fetus be healthier.


Myth 1: You should not get a dental x-ray if you’re pregnant.

Dental x-rays have become controversial as unnecessary sources of radiation. But they serve an important role in early detection and in maintaining a baseline of health. All the radiography procedures, even ultrasonography and MRI, remain unaffiliated with any prenatal side effects or miscarriage. To put it another way, it would take approximately 50,000 dental x-rays to generate harm.


Myth 2: Any dental treatment should be postponed until after the pregnancy.

Studies have suggested a link between periodontal disease and preterm birth. So if your pregnancy happens to include a regularly-scheduled check-up, by all means keep the appointment. If you have gum disease at any stage, treating it not only has no adverse effects, but can reduce the risk of passing oral bacteria on to the fetus.


Myth 3: Fetal calcium derives from the mother’s teeth.

How much calcium the fetus gets is dependent on the mother’s diet, not the state of her teeth. Resourceful mothers should retain a nutritionist to ensure a healthy diet for the baby. Even if malnutrition were a factor, fetal calcium would be sourced from the mother’s bones, not from her teeth.


If you’re pregnant and curious about your dental options, contact our periodontist.

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