Necessary Vitamins for Your Dental Health

Necessary Vitamins for Your Dental HealthInflamed and bleeding gums is one of the most prevalent oral health conditions that any patient will ever have to deal with, and often times ongoing gingivitis starts out as simple tartar and plaque on the outside of the teeth.  Most experts agree that a vast majority of plaque can be removed with brushing and flossing multiple times a day as well as scheduling professional teeth cleaning at least twice a year.  When the bacteria that comes from plaque is released into the bloodstream though, our Northridge dentist believes that all patients should understand that vitamins and a healthy balanced will be their first line of defense against oxidants.

Countless studies have been carried out that have shown antioxidants are one of the best ways for an individual to strengthen their cells.  Oxidants are harmful substances that will attack the cells, and antioxidants can be any number of vitamins or minerals that assist in fighting oxidants in your body.  Vitamin C is considered to be one of the most effective antioxidants, but many of the juices and fruits that contain this vitamin are acidic.  Vitamin C pills and powders are an excellent way to ingest vitamin C without these acids attacking the enamel of one’s teeth.

The next step in preventing gingivitis and a number of other serious health complications is to schedule a biannual checkup with our Northridge dental exam specialist.  We work with patients of all ages and are ready to devote the time and effort into your own unique case to come up with a treatment plan that will restore and protect your smile.

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