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Northridge Dental BridgeSmiling is one of the natural reactions of our emotions and trying to conceal your smile at every moment of the day is difficult. Our Northridge dentist knows people that have missing or infected teeth who have mastered the technique of smile concealment. Cosmetic dentistry procedures are available to fix damage to your teeth and one of the most common ways to get a smile improvement is with a dental bridge supplied by our Northridge dental bridge specialist.

The porcelain fixed bridge is the most popular type of bridge and does not require advanced dental surgery for placement. A dental bridge is constructed from two or more dental crowns that are anchored to your surrounding teeth. The secret behind the dental bridge is the artificial tooth that is designed to cover the space left from a missing or extracted tooth. The placement of a bridge by our Northridge dental bridge specialist brings back natural beauty to your smile.

One of the advantages of the placement of a dental bridge is that fact that a bridge is fixed into your mouth. Unlike dentures or partial dentures, a bridge is not removable after placement. This permanent application takes the burden away from removing and cleaning the restoration each day like with dentures. A bridge that is placed by our Northridge dental bridge specialist allows a continued daily brushing and flossing habit and will not change your oral hygiene methods.

Dental Bridge in Northridge

A dental examination to determine the condition of your teeth can be completed before a decision is made to place a dental bridge. Lost teeth may lead to shifting of surrounding teeth and can affect the quality of your bite and smile alignment. Our Northridge dental bridge specialist can explain the benefits of a bridge in detail and help you understand how it will transform your smile.

After successful placement of a dental bridge, aftercare instructions will be provided to help you adjust to wearing a fixed bridge and how to keep your teeth healthy. Regular checkups and examinations by our Northridge cosmetic dentist will help extend the life of your bridge and help you get back your confidence when smiling.

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