Northridge Dental Crown

Northridge Dental CrownTeeth can be damaged structurally from injuries, tooth decay or accidents and this damage affects the health of teeth and gums. Cosmetic dentistry procedures are used to restore and correct these problems. Our Northridge dental crown dentist can restore damaged teeth by placing a dental crown to conceal the damage, preserve the esthetic value and provide strength. A crown can bring back the natural beauty of your smile.

A dental crown is constructed from a porcelain material. This strong and lightweight material is naturally resistant to stains. The crown is expected to last for many years with proper care and attention and with oral hygiene and regular dental checkups. Our Northridge dental crown dentist can place a crown after a root canal procedure is completed to protect the tooth from further damage from bacteria or plaque that is formed inside of your mouth.

The placement of dental crowns is a fast and effective procedure compared to advanced corrections. A crown is typically placed within a short dental visit. An oral examination and x-ray will determine if periodontal disease is the cause of tooth deterioration. This ensures that the crown can be placed onto a healthy and functional tooth. Our Northridge dental crown dentist will take impressions of your existing teeth for use in creating an accurate crown. Any remaining infections or decay will be removed from your tooth to prepare for a crown placement.

Dental Crown in Northridge

Modern technology in dentistry is shortening the length of time to create dental restorations. This new technology is in use by our Northridge dental crown dentist to ensure that a more accurate and permanent crown can be created. This precision manufacturing eliminates the need to have a dental crown manufactured by a ceramist in a laboratory. The design and creation of crowns can be completed on the same day to reduce the time required for placement.

An oral examination completed by our Northridge dentist can determine if a dental crown will be the right restoration for your smile. The strength, health and alignment of your teeth can be corrected with modern procedures completed by our Northridge cosmetic dentist.

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