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Northridge Dental Implant DentistMissing teeth are a contributor to low self-esteem and self-conscious feelings about your smile. Teeth can be lost due to many different reasons such as oral injuries or advanced tooth decay. Cosmetic dentistry treatments are available to help restore teeth to a natural appearance and upgrade your current smile. Our Northridge dental implant dentist uses dental implants to provide a permanent teeth replacement for missing or badly decayed teeth.

The implant procedure is preferred by many people when compared to treatments like a dental bridge or full dentures. When the dental implants are installed, they are implanted directly into the gum line and require no refitting or adjustments by our Northridge dentist compared to full or partial dentures. The implants can be used to replace individual or multiple missing teeth and have the same features and appearance as natural teeth. The implants provide needed gum stimulation when chewing food and this helps to make eating easier.

Dental Implant Dentist in Northridge

When our Northridge dental implant dentist installs the implants, they can be treated just like normal teeth. Routine dental cleanings, brushing and flossing can be used to clean the implants and help to keep the teeth healthy. The implants are designed to provide a permanent tooth root replacement that helps to stabilize the jawbone improving alignment and speech. The implants do not interfere or cause irritation to surrounding teeth or gum lines. Our Northridge dental implant dentist improves the excess spacing that is present inside the mouth when teeth are missing with permanent dental implants.

The esthetically pleasing look of dental implants easily restores your smile to a natural appearance. The implants are designed by our Northridge cosmetic dentist to accurately match the look, size, and shape of surrounding teeth to make a seamless transition. Many people are surprised at the improved condition of their teeth after receiving a dental implant procedure. Many people suffer from crooked or misaligned teeth that are eventually lost and the implants installed by our Northridge dental implant dentist create a whiter and straighter smile. Missing teeth are no longer a problem when using dental implants for smile makeovers.

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