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The highly trained staff at Northridge Dental can help you with any dental issues you may have. They are professionals in their respective fields of dentistry and have knowledge of the newest technology that is available in every aspect of dental work. A visit to Northridge Dental will assure you of the expert care and attention you will receive for all of your oral needs.

If you have bleeding gums or notice that your gums are starting to recede, our Northridge dental office can help you with your periodontal problems. He is an expert Periodontist and has been successfully treating periodontal disease for a great number of patients. Gum disease can quickly develop into some very debilitating issues within the mouth. The patient who is afflicted with periodontal problems may lose teeth and bone as a result of this disease. And periodontal issues can present problems in other parts of the body as well, because bacteria in the mouth can be carried via the bloodstream to other areas and cause additional health risks. Our Northridge dentist will diagnose and treat any periodontal problems that may exist within your mouth so that you will again experience healthy teeth and gums. If oral surgery should be necessary, he will also competently handle that issue. Once your periodontal problems have been resolved, with continued good oral hygiene and routine checkups and cleanings, your gums and teeth should remain in a healthy condition. Our dentist will assist you in accomplishing that goal.

Outstanding Dental Care in Northridge

Maybe your gums are in good condition but your teeth are not. You might have cosmetic imperfections that are causing embarrassment for you, such as misaligned teeth, badly stained teeth, chipping or wide spacing between teeth. Or Northridge Cosmetic Dentist can help you with those issues by creating a beautiful smile you will proudly display. Stains can be removed with teeth whitening procedures, and porcelain veneers can disguise misaligned or chipped teeth and also hide spacing issues. If misalignment needs to be corrected with braces, Invisalign aligners are the invisible way for adults to acquire straight teeth without anyone knowing that braces are even being worn. At Northridge Dental, our dentist can expertly handle your cosmetic imperfections to your complete satisfaction.

Even if your teeth have never been your best feature, you can still achieve an attractive smile with healthy gums. At Northridge Dental, you will get expert care and beautiful teeth.

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