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Northridge Dental OfficeWhen in need of a Northridge Dentist, local residents know that they can trust our dentists to care for their dental needs. Teeth need to be properly maintained in order to stay strong and healthy, and gums also require the proper care.

Our Northridge Periodontist can diagnose and treat periodontal disease, even in its more advanced stages. When gums are diseased, they will bleed easily and start to recede. If caught in the early stages of development, gum disease can be treated without any loss to teeth or bone. But when periodontal disease has had the chance to progress to a more advanced level, it will need more aggressive treatment in order to be arrested. In some cases, oral surgery may be required as well. Our Northridge Dentist will diagnose periodontal problems and do what is necessary to successfully treat the disease and whatever damage it may have caused to the gums and teeth. Good oral hygiene habits will prevent periodontal disease from returning, and our dentist will provide the proper instruction on the appropriate brushing and flossing techniques to insure that the teeth and gums remain in a healthy state.


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For cosmetic issues concerning the teeth, our Northridge Cosmetic Dentist is the professional who can give beautiful smiles to her patients by using the newest technology in cosmetic dentistry. Teeth whitening is a good way to greatly enhance dull and stained teeth. Smiles will be whiter and brighter when our Northridge Dentist has treated the teeth and removed embarrassing and unsightly stains. And other cosmetic problems, such as wide spacing between teeth, permanent discolorations, chipping and worn teeth and alignment issues, can be handled very effectively with the use of porcelain veneers. Veneers look very natural and will last for years. With the placement of porcelain veneers on the teeth, a smile can be transformed.

Patients can feel confident that with our Northridge Dentist periodontal and/or cosmetic issues will be successfully diagnosed and treated. And if there are other dental issues to be dealt with, one of the other fine dentists on staff will have the expertise to competently handle the situation. Your Northridge Dentist will keep your teeth and gums in good shape. Not only will you have a healthy smile, you will have a beautiful one as well.

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