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Northridge Invisalign DentistWith the modern advancements that have been created in orthodontic dentistry, people suffering from crooked or misaligned teeth have more options to straighten teeth faster when receiving treatments from our Northridge dentist. Traditional orthodontic treatments included metal braces that were used to straighten teeth by constantly adjusting the tension to help pull spaced or crooked teeth together. This method was reliable, but it was a burden to the oral appearance of many people. A new treatment has been designed to improve the teeth straightening process with better accuracy and a shorter time frame of treatment. The invention of the Invisalign system has revolutionized the way that teeth are straightened and is safely used by our Northridge Invisalign dentist.

The design of traditional metal braces relied upon a series of metal brackets and wires that were bonded to each individual tooth and adjusted for the desired level of straightening. The Invisalign system used by our Northridge Invisalign dentist does not include these components for straightening teeth. A series of clear aligning trays are custom made for each individual patient to begin the treatment process. The clear aligners are designed for wearing for a short period of time that is determined by our Northridge Invisalign dentist at the start of the treatment.

Invisalign Dentist in Northridge

The aligning trays accurately pull teeth together, closing excess gaps and spacing and transform the current position of crooked or misaligned teeth. The Invisalign system is the preferred choice for teeth straightening for teenagers and adults that want a more private way to straighten teeth with treatments by our Northridge cosmetic dentist. Due to the clear construction of the aligners, the straightening process can be completed invisibly and much faster compared to standard metal braces.

There are many benefits to the Invisalign procedure. The aligners have no rough edges or a protruding design that can cause pain or discomfort to the cheek or gum line. The Invisalign process implemented by our Northridge Invisalign dentist does not have food or drink restrictions during treatment. The trays are easily removable during eating and drinking. Teeth can now be straightened faster and easier by using Invisalign.

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