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Northridge InvisalignWhat do you do if you have crooked teeth, gaps in your teeth, and teeth that are crowded together or overlapping? You most likely realize that you need braces to straighten your teeth and give you a beautiful smile. But the thought of having to wear uncomfortable, conspicuous braces horrifies you. With Northridge Invisalign braces you can get your teeth straight in a way that no one will even notice.

Not everyone is blessed with straight teeth, but with Northridge Invisalign braces, anyone can have a more beautiful smile.

Our dentist is here to help you with your dental issues. And that includes straightening your teeth in a very effective way without having to wear the old metal braces. We have a Northridge dentist who can fit you with the Invisalign treatment and give you the teeth you have always wanted to have. Invisalign is virtually invisible, yet this procedure will straighten your teeth as effectively as metal braces.

The Northridge Invisalign procedure consists of aligners that are measured to the specifications of your teeth and are changed every two weeks. Each aligner is calculated by your dentist in Northridge to gradually shift your teeth into proper position. The aligners are comfortable to wear with no rough edges to scratch or irritate your gums and mouth. And you can remove them to eat, drink and brush your teeth. In this way, you will experience gradual changes in the positioning of your teeth until the desired positions are attained.

Invisalign in Northridge

Your orthodontist will monitor your progress and answer any questions you may have about your Northridge Invisalign braces. During the treatment, Invisalign will not be noticeable to others. You will be straightening your teeth without anyone even knowing that a dental procedure is occurring. And when your treatment has been completed, your dentist in Northridge CA will be there to help you maintain your beautiful new smile.

Our dentists are highly skilled individuals who are happy to help you obtain a smile to be envied. And if you choose Northridge Invisalign braces, in no time at all you will have the straight, perfectly aligned teeth that you have always wanted.

To talk to an orthodontist and learn more about Northridge Invisalign braces contact us!

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