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Northridge PeriodontistHealthy teeth and gums depend on each other for the overall quality of your oral health. General dentistry procedures are often used to prevent bacteria and plaque from damaging your teeth and gums. When more severe problems are detected, our Northridge periodontist works closely with you to remove harmful bacteria and reverse the damage that has been done to improve your oral health.

There are several treatments available to heal your gum line. Before treatments are scheduled, a thorough examination must be completed that will help discover problems above and below your gum line. Using specialized diagnostic instruments and x-rays, our Northridge periodontist can detect any sign of a problem and help prevent future problems from developing. These examinations are the starting point for every periodontal treatment.

The severity of located damage will be discussed and the best treatment options will be presented to you. The source of the problem will be analyzed and determined to design a plan of reversal. This plan administered by our Northridge periodontist can include a combination of treatments and a specially designed oral mouthwash to help rid your mouth of existing bacteria or infection. The health of your gum line will help determine the future health and condition of your teeth.

Multiple dental visits may be required to restore the quality of your teeth and gums. Antibiotic medicines may be prescribed in between dental visits by our Northridge periodontist to help eliminate bacterial growth. Severe damage may require a surgical correction to restore the quality of your teeth and gum line. After periodontal treatments have been completed, you may require corrective or cosmetic treatments to rebuild your smile. Our Northridge cosmetic dentist can consult with you about how procedures will be completed.

When your smile has been restored, keeping your smile healthy is extremely important. You may be more susceptible to future damage if periodontal disease is common in your family. Aftercare instructions will be provided to you to make sure you understand the proper way to administer personal oral care. Regular dental cleanings, exams and checkups from our Northridge dentist will help monitor your periodontal health.

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