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A person that has a fear of dental treatments or procedures may be living without much needed dental care. Dental anxiety is a problem for many people and our Northridge dentist understands dentistry related fears. Advanced treatments that now exist in dentistry are unlike the procedures offered in the past. To help patients with dental anxiety, sedation is used to provide a more relaxed dental experience. This safe method of relaxation is a popular option for patients.

Our Northridge sedation dentist consults with patients that have fears or anxiety about treatments or procedures. The level of anxiety will be determined and the right sedation method will be selected before any dental treatments will begin. Not every person has fear or anxiety, but may be sensitive to pain. The sedation provides a calming effect to allow for a much easier dental visit. The use of sedation is allowing more people to receive dental care who would normally avoid needed treatments.

Some people confuse sedation with being unconscious during treatment. Our Northridge sedation dentist closely monitors the sedation process and makes sure that patients receive the relaxing effects and are completely alert during the treatment. This safe and easy relaxation method provides each patient with a peaceful state of mind. Dental treatments will be completed normally and without interruption.

Sedation Dentist in Northridge

Patients with special needs may require sedation by our Northridge sedation dentist during routine and advanced treatments. Sedation is used to calm each patient and allows the procedures to be completed faster and easier compared to no sedation being used. There are many complexities that may make it difficult for a person to receive normal treatments, but sedation dentistry has changed how treatments can be completed.

The staff at our Northridge cosmetic dentist office creates a safe and friendly atmosphere for all patients. The latest technologies in dental science are used to provide excellent dental care. The education and experience of our dental team makes receiving general and advanced treatments possible for our patients. The administering of sedation dentistry by our Northridge sedation dentist provides quality dental care to patients and eliminates anxiety.

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