Northridge Teeth Bleaching

Northridge Teeth BleachingStaining or discolorations can change the shade of teeth. When deep stains penetrate the outer layer of the teeth, they cannot be removed using whitening toothpastes or other related products. The best solution to treat this staining is a simple and effective treatment provided by our Northridge teeth bleaching dentist.

Bleaching the teeth is a common way to improve the smile. People from all walks of life are pursuing whiter teeth to get rid of the signs of aging or reverse the effects from heavy smoking or dietary choices. Our Northridge teeth bleaching dentist can help patients with minimal or severe staining on their teeth get a whiter, brighter smile.

The teeth bleaching treatment is safe and simple. A routine oral examination can make sure that the source of the discoloration is detected. Any existing bacteria or food particles that remain between teeth may need to be removed with a teeth cleaning procedure. This ensures that our Northridge teeth bleaching dentist can successfully administer the actual bleaching procedure.

Once the existing tooth color is determined, the resulting shade of white can be selected as well. This helps to choose the color that is most appropriate for each unique individual. A specially created bleaching solution helps dissipate stains and will allow the natural tooth color to be whitened. Our Northridge teeth bleaching dentist can complete the treatment several times within the same visit to get the best results.

Since the bleaching procedure is completed quickly, the results are immediately noticeable. Patients visiting the office of our Northridge dentist with a stained or discolored smile, will leave with a recognizable difference in the color of their teeth. The steps and measures that are required to keep teeth bright and white between dental visits will be discussed as well. Lightening the color of teeth may only be the starting point and advanced procedures are available from our Northridge cosmetic dentist to enhance the beauty of the smile.

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