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Northridge Teeth WhiteningYour age, dietary choices and oral hygiene routine can all contribute to the discoloration of your smile. Additional lifestyle choices like smoking or chewing tobacco can accelerate the deterioration of white teeth. Our Northridge teeth whitening dentist understands the factors that degrade the quality of your smile and provides a simple solution for correction. Cosmetic whitening treatments are now a very common way to receive a whiter and brighter smile.

White smiles are everywhere in magazines, television and films. The confidence and attraction that is exhibited is making average people take a second look at the quality of their own smile. There is no greater introduction to friends or family than the display of a beaming smile. Our Northridge teeth whitening specialist will work closely with you to evaluate the current color of your smile and help to choose the white shade that is comfortable for you.

Teeth whitening treatments work to break up staining that exists on the exterior of your teeth. These surface stains contribute to the staining of enamel on your teeth. A teeth whitening procedure brings out the natural whiteness of your teeth and can develop the color further to produce a dramatically whiter smile. Our Northridge teeth whitening dentist performs cosmetic teeth whitening in a safe and easy procedure.

Teeth Whitening in Northridge

These whitening procedures are popular because of the end result and the time required for completion. The average procedure can be completed within one simple dental visit to achieve your desired color of whiteness. There is no discomfort when our Northridge teeth whitening specialist performs the procedure. You have the ability to take years from your age and get the smile that you have always wanted to improve your self-confidence.

Achieving a gleaming smile is easier than ever, but learning how to care for your teeth is important. A whitening touch up from our Northridge cosmetic dentist may be required each year. Aftercare instructions include brushing and flossing two times per day and avoiding foods or drinks that stain your teeth. Regular teeth cleaning from our Northridge dentist is important to the health and whiteness of your smile.

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