Oral Cancer Causes and Treatments

Oral Cancer Causes and TreatmentsOral cancer affects thousands of people each year and has numerous contributing factors. People that have poor nutritional diets or that consume large amounts of alcohol and tobacco together have increased risks of developing oral cancer. Oral cancer is designed to develop slowly and the symptoms may not be quickly displayed inside of the mouth. People often acquire simple mouth sores that can develop from improper brushing or eating habits and may not think to receive a needed inspection from a knowledgeable dentist. Routine oral screenings are required for proper prevention of oral cancers.

Symptoms of Oral Cancer

A noticeable pale or red bump inside of the mouth that does not heal within a week after development may need to be inspected for possible cancerous growth. Common symptoms can include numbness in the infected area or inside of the mouth. A soreness of the throat or difficulty in chewing and swallowing needs to be examined thoroughly by a knowledgeable dentist. Oral cancer can affect the inside of the mouth, cheeks, tongue, gum lines and lips and easily spread to other areas of the body.

Treatments for Oral Cancer

The infected area or tissue will be delicately removed for inspection and testing to accurately make a cancer diagnosis. Advanced stages of oral cancer will require chemotherapy or radiation treatments to help destroy the cancerous cells. Removal of cancerous portions of the mouth may affect teeth and eating habits. Cosmetic dentistry procedures may be required to restore teeth to a natural appearance.

At our office we have a variety of methods for early detection of oral cancer. Contact our Northridge dentist and make an appointment for an examination today.

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