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Oral Surgeon NorthridgeIf you are facing an oral surgery procedure, you may be understandably confused and afraid, wondering exactly what will happen, how it will feel, and if it is even really necessary, or if there might be another way to address your dental issues. Our oral surgeon in Northridge is a competent, caring professional who wants to work with you to meet your oral surgery needs safely and with your comfort in mind.

Oral surgery means, simply, any procedure which requires surgical intervention in the mouth. There are a number of procedures which require oral surgery, including wisdom tooth extractions and dental implants. Our Northridge dentist will examine you first to determine whether you actually need oral surgery to solve your dental issues, or if some other treatment option might be available.

Once you have been examined, our oral surgeon in Northridge will meet with you and discuss your options. Sometimes there are ways to solve a problem without surgery, but many times oral surgery is the only solution to a problem. If this is the case, our surgeon will discuss with you the duration of the treatment, what will happen, and any risks or side effects.

Northridge Oral Surgeon

Our oral surgeon in Northridge has the expertise and skill to perform your oral surgery safely. You can be assured that you are in good hands. Our surgeon will also work with you on pain management techniques and aftercare. Most people have some degree of anxiety about oral surgery, so it is important to discuss your fears with the doctor and receive reassurance about your care.

Many oral surgery procedures rely on some form of sedation to make you comfortable during the procedure. Our oral surgeon in Northridge will discuss sedation options with you. Some procedures require full sedation, but many can be performed with partial or local anesthetics. It is important to discuss your options fully with your doctor and understand the benefits and risks of each form of sedation.

Our Northridge cosmetic dentist is ready to discuss your oral surgery needs today, and set your mind at ease about your dental needs.

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