Pocket Reduction Surgery

Pocket Reduction SurgeryPocket reduction surgery consists of several different surgical processes that enable the dentist to get to the root of the tooth to remove plaque and tartar. The mouth contains many forms of bacteria. The bacteria contained in plaque will produce acids that can harm the teeth and lead to periodontal disease.

When infections of the gum develop, the body responds by creating an inflammatory reaction. Once the inflammation reaches below the gum line, bone and tissue will be destroyed. With the continuation of gum destruction, pockets begin to develop and deepen between the gums and teeth.

If periodontal disease is left untreated, tooth loss can occur as a result of massive amounts of bacteria developing within gum pockets. Pocket reduction surgery is an effort to stop this destructive process and reduce the size of the pockets.

Gum disease can weaken the bone structure of the teeth and eventually lead to tooth loss. To prevent that, schedule regular checkups with your dentist to make sure your gums are in good condition.

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