Problems with Dentures and Their Solutions

Problems with Dentures and Their Solutions

Dentures are the most common type of tooth replacement solution for those who have lost all the teeth in one or both jaws. Although they are easy to use and affordable, they can occasionally pose some problems for their wearers. Recognizing these common problems and knowing how to fix them can keep your dentures comfortable and working properly for you.


1. Ill-fitting dentures
These can cause irritation or pain, but the solution is simple. The denture most likely needs to be relined or adjusted by our dentist.


2. Stains
Food and drinks can stain artificial teeth just as easily as natural teeth. Use the proper cleaning techniques and solutions to remove debris daily, and schedule professional cleanings once or twice a year as needed.


3. Bad breath
Bacteria are usually responsible for bad breath. Use good dental hygiene, clean your dentures, and rinse your mouth with antibacterial mouthwash.


4. Chips or damage
You do not necessarily need an entirely new set of teeth. Many times, the damage can be quickly and easily repaired by our dentist. More serious problems might need to be sent out to a dental lab for a repair.


5. Mouth sores

These are typically caused by the denture rubbing on a spot in your mouth, which is a sign of changes in your oral tissues, causing your denture to no longer fit properly. A relining or adjustment should fix the problem and ensure a more comfortable fit.


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