Regular Dental Checkups and Their Importance

Regular Dental Checkups and Their ImportanceHave you ever been tempted to put off your six-month-dental checkup? When the economy is tight, regular checkups can seem like an easy way to save a little bit of money, but this can be a very expensive, not to mention risky, choice in the long run. When you visit our Northridge dentist for your regular checkup, you get far more than cleaning and polishing.

Our dentist checks for signs of serious oral health issues at every regular checkup, including common problems like gum disease and decay. Your mouth will also be examined for other oral health problems as well, including mouth sores or signs of oral cancer. Some early signs of health issues like osteoporosis, diabetes, or sleep apnea may be spotted by our dentist before you or your general physician notice symptoms of them, particularly since general physicals often take place less often than dental checkups.

Putting off regular dental work can have serious consequences. A simple filling can lead to a root canal and a crown if the cavity continues to grow and the tooth deteriorates. An ignored damaged or abscessed tooth may need to be extracted, requiring later bridge or implant work. Minor gingivitis that could easily be treated with proper dental care could develop into serious periodontal disease requiring surgical treatment.

Ignoring regular dental care has potentially serious consequences for your health and your budget. Regular checkups combined with good oral hygiene habits can maximize your oral health benefits. Contact our office today to schedule your next checkup with our Northridge cosmetic dentist.

Source: Cosmetic Dentist Northridge

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