Removing Wisdom Teeth

Removing Wisdom TeethAlthough no one willingly undergoes dental surgery, there are times when it is simply necessary. One of those times might be when you have problems with your wisdom teeth. Our Northridge dentist can discuss your options with you and help you determine if your wisdom teeth should be removed.

Wisdom teeth, also called “eighteen-year molars,” are the last of the teeth to erupt, or grow through, the gumline. They are positioned at the very back of each end of the jaw. In many people, the jawbone at this point is too narrow to allow the wisdom teeth to successfully come through the gums, and the wisdom teeth become “impacted.” This means that they are not growing into a natural position, but are tilted or turned in some way, putting pressure on the rest of your teeth and your gums. This is often revealed by a routine dental x-ray during an exam, long before the wisdom teeth become painful and begin to erupt from the gums.

Wisdom tooth impaction is often very painful, as the teeth push against your jaw and other teeth. Abscesses can also form, which are pockets of infection caused by the teeth rubbing against the gums in an unnatural way. Many people seek dental help for wisdom teeth simply because they are unable to tolerate the level of pain that an impacted wisdom tooth can cause if not treated. If you are experiencing painful wisdom tooth eruption, you should see our Northridge cosmetic dentist right away.

Impacted wisdom teeth can cause all sorts of oral problems, but fortunately removing them is a relatively simple procedure. Often performed under anesthesia, wisdom tooth surgery is an out-patient procedure that can be performed right in the dentist’s office. Depending on the level of anesthesia, you may be a bit tired for the rest of the day, and you will have to chew carefully and eat soft foods for a few days after wisdom tooth surgery.

Once the wisdom teeth are removed, most of the problems associated with them disappear. This simple surgery can save you a great deal of future oral problems, so talk to our dentist today about treating your impacted wisdom tooth problems.

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Source: Dentist Northridge

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