Restorative Dentistry

Restorative DentistryRestorative dentistry consists of a wide range of techniques and treatments that can be used to restore damaged and diseased teeth. With this type of dentistry, the smile can be restored and a number of dental problems can be corrected, including the replacement of a single missing tooth or multiple teeth and full mouth reconstruction. In certain cases, a patient's bite may need to be opened in order for the patient to have proper chewing ability.

Restorative dentistry can correct the simple dental problems that sometimes arise. If the situation is not severe, a filling or reshaping of a tooth that can be accomplished right in our doctor’s office may be all that is needed. In cases where more work is required, restorations created in a dental laboratory may be used to restore the teeth. This would include porcelain crowns and veneers, inlays, onlays, fixed bridges and dental implants. Any restoration that is created in a professional laboratory will require several visits to be completed. When the restoration has been made, the placing of it into the mouth will be accomplished in our doctor’s office, where all adjustments will also be made. The bite will also be checked so that the patient will have complete comfort and proper chewing ability.

Gone are the days when diseased or damaged teeth would be extracted. With experienced and skillful dentist at Northridge Dental Group even the worst damaged teeth can be saved or replaced.

For situations where a number of teeth are missing, full dentures and removable partial dentures can be created for the patient to replace the missing teeth and restore eating and speaking ability. The smile will look natural and be cosmetically pleasing.

In severe dental cases where full mouth reconstruction may be needed, our doctors and staff will work with the patient to accomplish whatever steps are necessary to give the patient full and proper use of the mouth and teeth, including rehabilitation that may be required. This type of treatment will be extensive and requires a good amount of time and expense, but the results for the patient will truly be life-changing.

Before final restorations are finished, a wax model acts as a guide to help our doctor and the dental laboratory in the proper fitting of the restoration. Temporary restorations are always provided to the patient while the final restoration is in the process of being created. Where opening of a patient's bite is concerned, several temporary restorations may be needed during the course of treatment to ensure that the new bite will not pose a problem for the patient.

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