Right Toothbrush for You

Right Toothbrush for YouThere are a bewildering variety of toothbrushes out there to choose from. Each brand of toothbrush promises to be the best for removing plaque and food particles. It can be difficult to sort through the claims and choose a toothbrush that is right for you.

Our dentist in Northridge, recommends a soft bristled toothbrush. While a toothbrush with hard bristles may seem like it will remove plaque and food particles better, keep in mind that it will also remove tooth enamel over time. Once the tooth enamel is worn down, your teeth are more vulnerable to cavities, even if you get a professional dental cleaning on a regular basis. A soft bristled brush will be just as effective with removing plaque and food particles, but it is not as hard on your enamel.

The heads of the toothbrushes also come in many sizes, from extra small, which is appropriate for children, to large. There right size of toothbrush depends on the size of your mouth. Most people need an adult toothbrush with a small head. The smaller head allows better access to the back teeth and hard to reach areas in the mouth. However, you should choose the toothbrush that fits best in your mouth and helps you reach all of the surfaces of your teeth without problems.

After you have chosen the size of your toothbrush, you will be faced with choosing the style of bristles, angle of the toothbrush, the grip style, and choose between the traditional toothbrush or a mechanical toothbrush. In this case, there is no right or wrong. Choose the toothbrush that is most comfortable for you and seems to clean your teeth the most effectively.

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