Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal TreatmentA root canal treatment may be required when decay or infection has deteriorated the nerve inside of a tooth. The procedure is used to help save the tooth and avoid extraction. A tooth receives valuable nutrients and a constant blood supply to keep it healthy. Extracting the tooth can disrupt the alignment of surrounding teeth or cause shifting. A tooth can be saved with a root canal treatment depending on the severity of the damage.

A completed root canal procedure provides protection for the tooth. The tooth is cleaned and preserved to allow the tooth to function normally and prevent further decay and deterioration. This extends the life of the tooth. The following are warning signs that a root canal procedure may be necessary:

• Pimple or abscessed area around the tooth or gum line
• Increased sensitivity to hot and cold foods or liquids
• Frequent Toothaches
• Swelling of the gum line or sensitivity

The treatment for a root canal is a routine procedure that is safe and can be completed by our Northridge dentist. The infected tooth pulp or damaged nerve will be removed from the inside of the tooth. The tooth is filled with a special sealant to prevent future decay or damage. Preserving the natural tooth helps to extend the life and health of the tooth and eliminates the sensitivity that may have been present before the procedure.

It is common for a dental crown to be applied after a successful root canal treatment. The crown has more esthetic compared with standard fillings and provides further protection from damage and structural support for the existing tooth. Our dentist provides in-depth consultations and will explain the benefits of the application of a dental crown.

Personal oral hygiene routines will remain the same after a root canal treatment. Daily brushing and flossing is necessary to keep the mouth, gum line, and surrounding teeth clean and free from bacteria or plaque. Routine dental cleanings and examinations will keep teeth healthy after a root canal treatment.

Do you have any symptoms indicating you might need a root canal treatment? Contact our Northridge dentist and make your appointment as soon as possible.

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