Safety in Teeth Whitening Treatments

Safety in Teeth Whitening TreatmentsIn malls throughout the country, many individuals have noticed teeth whitening booths that offer low-priced bleaching services.  While everyone would like a vibrant smile that they can be proud of, these kiosks do come with some risks.  Many states have even begun to ban these bleaching services, and that is why we believe it is important that all of our patients understand how the teeth whitening process should be carried out and the benefits of sticking to our Northridge teeth whitening specialist.

Most whitening services utilize a peroxide-based solution that is applied directly to the front of the upper and lower teeth.  What sets a professional whitening treatment apart from these all-too-common whitening kiosks is the strength of the solution, how carefully it is applied to the teeth, and the amount of time that the solution remains on the teeth.

Shahdad Arami DDS, Northridge cosmetic dentist, carefully takes the time to inspect each patient’s mouth before applying an advanced whitening gel.  This gel is a very effective blend of whitening and anti-sensitivity agents that will quickly lift stains while reducing the patient’s chance of discomfort during or after the treatment.  For many of our patients, this whitening service will produce a smile that is up to 8 shades brighter in just a single hour.

Everyone would like a brighter smile, but no patient should ever put the health of their teeth and gums at risk.  If you have recently begun to notice stains on your own teeth, contact our office today to schedule your next whitening appointment.

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