Saving a Broken or Knocked Out Tooth

Saving a Broken or Knocked Out ToothThere are many ways a tooth can be broken or knocked out, including sports injuries, car accidents, and household mishaps. Knowing what to do to preserve and reattach the tooth can be very important, and our dentist in Northridge can give you information to help you know the facts if you ever find yourself in this situation.

A knocked-out tooth should be located, if possible, immediately after the accident. Clean the tooth gently with milk if it is dirty, then gently replace it in the socket if possible. If this is impossible, carry the tooth in milk and visit our Northridge cosmetic dentist as soon as possible—within two hours is the safest bet.

Many times, the tooth can be reattached if it is immediately replaced. However, if it cannot be, then dental implants may be your best bet for replacing missing teeth. Dental implants are man-made appliances which look just like your real teeth and are attached by means of permanent anchors, so they do not come loose.

Single dental implants may be right for one missing tooth. You may also have several teeth lost at once, which might require a bridging arrangement. A fixed bridge is a device anchored to two teeth on each side which spans a quantity of missing teeth, and cannot be removed.

For broken teeth, porcelain crowns are a good option. They can be placed directly over the broken tooth, giving it a natural appearance and protecting any exposed nerves.

If our dentist is able to replace your knocked-out tooth, a root canal treatment may also be required to remove any painful nerve endings.


Source: Dentist Northridge

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