Sensitive Teeth and Whitening Treatments

Sensitive Teeth and Whitening TreatmentsIf you have sensitive teeth, you probably are quite familiar with the sharp pain that comes with cold drinks or hot foods. You may try to avoid anything that could irritate your teeth, including teeth whitening. Some types of teeth whitening can wear your dental enamel down even more and leave your teeth more vulnerable than before. That does not mean you have to make peace with discolored teeth, however. Our cosmetic dentist in Northridge can help you identify whitening treatments that can eliminate stains without further irritating your sensitive teeth.

In-office whitening treatments may be the best option for many people with sensitive teeth who want freedom from stains. In-office treatments use powerful bleaching agents, but they are in contact with teeth only a short time, which reduces the risks of increased sensitivity. After an in-office whitening treatment, fluoride treatments can further strengthen your teeth against sensitivity. Our dentist may also recommend other whitening treatments. Take-home treatments can produce results in just days, and because the procedure is supervised, you are unlikely to experience whitening-related sensitivity.

After your teeth have been whitened, our dentist may recommend using special sensitivity toothpaste that can help protect your teeth from irritants. You can maintain your newly whitened smile longer by avoiding coffee, wine, tea and nicotine. Good dental hygiene can also help reduce stains and maintain your dental health.

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