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Sleep ApneaStudies show that up to 12 million Americans suffer from sleep apnea every single night. This can be a very severe condition that will affect one’s quality and quantity of sleep which will in turn affect their whole life. This is why Northridge Dental Group is proud to provide sleep apnea treatments as one of the services that we provide to patients that are diagnosed with condition.

Even those that suffer from this condition may not be sure exactly why it is taking place. For most, sleep apnea is the result of relaxed soft tissue and muscles. The most obvious symptom is very loud snoring and long delays while breathing. These breaks in breathing, known as an apneic event, must take place for 10 seconds or longer in order to be diagnosed as apnea.

Traditional treatments for this condition are often reported to be uncomfortable and inefficient. In many instances, patients would be prescribed various pillows to position themselves in a specific manner to allow for a straightened breathing passage. Other treatments included breathing machines that need to be strapped on to the head for the entirety of the night to force regular breathing.

For those that have been diagnosed with this condition and looking for other solutions, our Northridge dentist now provides a customized treatment that is both effective and comfortable. This treatment begins with a thorough oral examination of the mouth and throat to verify that it is in fact the positioning of the muscles, jaw, and throat that are causing the apneic events. We will then take a precise scan of the mouth to manufacture a silicone-based dental appliance that comfortably fits over the teeth throughout the night. These devices prevent the muscle and soft tissue from sagging during one's sleep, resulting in regular breathing.

Not only does sleep apnea affect millions of Americans every night, it can lead to irregular sleep habits which will negatively impact every aspect of one’s health. If you or someone you love is suffering from this condition, give Northridge Dental Group a call today. We proudly offer a full range of dental services from sleep apnea appliances to teeth whitening.

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