Smoking and Bone Regeneration After Implant Placement

smoking and bone regeneration after implant placementDental implants are the healthiest choice for tooth replacement. They are inserted into the jawbone, and the bone begins to grow around the implant and will eventually grow into the implant to firmly secure it. This process requires a complex synthesis of proteins, growth factors, and cytokines. Anything that interferes with any of these factors, including smoking, can lead to delayed healing or even your body’s rejection of the implant.

More than 4,000 toxins are found in cigarettes, and these toxins can change the way you heal. Nicotine, which constricts blood vessels, affects the flow of nutrients and blood to the implant site, is one of the biggest offenders. A study at the Guarulhos University in Brazil found that heavy smokers had significantly lower bone density around implant sites than nonsmokers did. The researchers recommended that smokers should proceed with caution before undergoing dental implant procedures.

If you smoke, quitting before having dental implants placed can improve the odds of success. We will discuss your tobacco use and your options at your consultation. You may need to quit several weeks before the procedure and remain tobacco-free during your recovery for the best results.

Smoking can affect your dental health in other ways as well. You may be more prone to gum disease, dry mouth, bone loss, and tooth loss. Quitting can be difficult, but resources are available to help you kick the habit for good. Call us today to learn more or to schedule your next dental checkup.

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