Soda Drinks and Your Teeth

Soda Drinks and Your TeethSodas may be one of the most popular drinks in the country, but they could be wreaking havoc on your teeth. According to the Academy of General Dentistry, large volumes of carbonated soda are as bad for your teeth as methamphetamine or crack cocaine.

The problem lies in the acids that are in soda. Soda contains citric and phosphoric acids, which soften enamel, making it more prone to damage. Over time, the enamel is worn away, and teeth become sensitive, discolored and vulnerable to tooth decay. Additionally, most regular sodas contain sugar, which stimulate the production of acids in your mouth. Sports drinks and energy drinks can be just as bad for your teeth due to the dangerous combination of sugar and acid. Diet soda is not necessarily healthier than regular soda because while it does not contain sugar, it still contains those acids.

Sodas and energy drinks also contain artificial and natural dyes. These coloring agents give drinks their characteristic appearance, but they seep into the porous enamel. Because the enamel has been softened by the acids, the dyes are able to penetrate deep inside the structure of the tooth where it cannot simply be brushed away.

If you enjoy soda, you do not have to quit, but you may need to cut back. Use a straw to minimize contact between your teeth and the beverage, and afterward drink a glass of water or rinse with water to neutralize the acids. Sugarless gum can also help neutralize the acids. Professional whitening treatments may be necessary to eliminate the discolorations. Contact our Northridge dentist today to learn more about protecting your smile or to schedule your next checkup.

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