Teeth Whitening and Bleaching

Teeth Whitening and BleachingIf your teeth are not as white as you would like them to be, there are several methods that our Northridge cosmetic dentist can use to considerably brighten your smile. Tooth whitening procedures will remove stains and debris from the surface of the teeth and bring them back to their natural color. You can buy over-the-counter products that claim to whiten teeth, and they will brighten your smile to a certain extent, but to get the best results you need to see a professional. Tooth bleaching will go one step farther than whitening and may actually brighten your teeth beyond their natural appearance.

There are several ways that a teeth whitening treatment can be done. A treatment may be performed in the dental office where a specially formulated peroxide gel will be placed on the teeth and allowed to remain there for approximately 15 to 20 minutes. Another method is when you are given trays to take home with you that you will fill with solution and wear for a short period of time each day over the course of one to two weeks.

With teeth bleaching, a higher concentration of peroxide is used and the teeth will actually be bleached to a whiter appearance than their normal shade. This is a procedure that our cosmetic dentist in Northridge can perform for you that will give you a very bright smile.

Not satisfied with the color of your teeth? Contact our cosmetic dentist in Northridge for a tooth whitening, bleaching, laser teeth whitening or Zoom whitening treatment that can completely change the color of your teeth.

Zoom Whitening is another dental procedure that requires approximately an hour to be performed in the office and will considerably brighten the appearance of your smile. With this procedure, a specially formulated hydrogen peroxide gel is placed on the teeth and a light with a specific wavelength is used to activate the gel and create a very white appearance to the teeth.

With laser teeth whitening, the procedure is basically the same as with Zoom Whitening, but a diode laser will be used that is more intense on the teeth and will give you faster results. With this treatment, your teeth can become up to ten shades lighter than before. Laser teeth whitening can definitely give you dramatic results.

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