Teeth Whitening

Teeth WhiteningRecent advancements in cosmetic dentistry procedures have improved teeth whitening treatments. The entire process can be completed faster and easier than in previous decades. It is now possible for advanced stains to be whitened and brightened on both the inside and outside of a tooth. Previous teeth whitening treatments could only be completed over a series of several visits with less than stellar results. Many patients were left with sensitive teeth as a result of the whitening process.

Whitening Procedures

New procedures are available by our cosmetic dentist in Northridge. Specialized trays can be manufactured and customized to fit your mouth. A special peroxide gel mixture is used to fill the mouth tray, which will be worn for a specific time. The whitening process can be completed out of the dental office and on your own time. The results are whiter and brighter than ineffective home whitening systems. The strength of the peroxide gel is a dental concentrate that is more powerful than standard consumer in-home whitening systems.
Tired of yellowed and stained teeth? Our cosmetic dentist in Northridge has teeth whitening treatments that can drastically improve your smile.
Light curing systems are advanced whitening procedures for heavily yellowed or stained teeth. A bleaching gel is applied to the teeth and cured with a powerful light source that accelerates the whitening process. This acceleration allows a deeper whitening affect for multiple shades of whitening effect. The bleaching gel is a powerful dental grade that is non-abrasive to teeth or the surrounding gum line. The light curing procedure can be successfully completed in up to 2 sessions.

Teeth Whitening in Northridge

Teeth Whitening Candidates

A teeth whitening procedure is not just for movie stars or popular celebrities. Whitening improvements are quickly becoming a common dental procedure. Patients with severely stained or yellowed teeth are excellent candidates for a teeth whitening procedure. The painless whitening treatment can help to restore teeth to a natural white color. A teeth whitening procedure is not a replacement for routine dental care, but will instantly improve the whiteness level of stained or discolored teeth. A routine whitening checkup is preferred to ensure that teeth do not become discolored in the future. Our Northridge cosmetic dentist can whiten your teeth accurately and professionally.

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