The Effect of Oral Piercing on Your Dental Health

The Effect of Oral Piercing on Your Dental HealthPiercings around the face and mouth are a very popular form of self-expression these days.  While many would like to hope that this is a relatively harmless trend due to the modern advances in techniques and surgical tools, these piercings still do pose some risks to one’s oral health.  This is why our Northridge dentist believes that all patients should understand some of the dangers that these piercings may pose.

Individuals should pay special attention to their oral health anytime that there is going to be an piercing or around the their mouth.  This includes the tongue, lips, cheeks, and uvula.  Due to the vast amount of bacteria in one’s mouth, opening tissue near the oral cavity is always going to pose some inherent health risks.  These infections could cause swellings or force the body to reject the piercing altogether.

Anytime that the metal comes into contact with teeth or has the potential too, there will be risks to tooth enamel and gums.  After extended contact between any type of foreign substance and these components of the mouth, permanent damage becomes a serious possibility.  Without regular periodontal treatment, some patients with oral piercings have experienced scar tissue, nerve damage, issues with their salivary glands, and damage to previous dental treatments.

If you have any piercings that are in or near the mouth, it is important to keep in close contact with our dentists.  These piercings are not a decision to take lightly, and keeping our dentist informed of this decision is the surest way to hedge off any major medical issues before they take place.

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