Things that Damage Your Teeth

Things that Damage Your TeethMaintaining your dental health requires good dental hygiene and regular routine checkups. However, many people have everyday habits that may seem harmless but can in fact be damaging their teeth.

•    Using teeth as tools: Your teeth are designed to chew food rather than tear open packages. If you regularly use your teeth to gnaw plastic or other non-food items, they can become worn and your jaw may be at an increased risk of misalignment. Use scissors and other tools instead to reduce the pressure on your teeth.

•    An unhealthy diet :Processed foods, sugary snacks, white bread and other simple starches tend to adhere to teeth and can be difficult for saliva to rinse away. Bacteria use these sugars for fuel and produce enamel-eroding acids that can cause tooth decay and irritate gums.

•    Bad brushing habits: Brushing twice a day is good for your teeth, so many people reason that brushing more often or more aggressively is even better for their teeth. However, over-brushing, which is defined as brushing more than three times a day, can wear enamel down. Use a soft-bristled brush and small circular strokes along with fluoride toothpaste to brush twice a day or after meals.

•    Not flossing: Flossing works hand-in-hand with brushing. Failing to floss allows bacteria to continue reproducing between teeth and along the gumline. Floss once a day for the best results.

•    Whitening improperly: Overusing at-home kits or using the wrong whitening treatments can weaken your enamel and irritate your gums.

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