Things You Should Consider about Getting Your Teeth Whitened

Things You Should Consider about Getting Your Teeth Whitened

White teeth are considered a sign of good dental and overall health, whereas grey or yellowing teeth are undesirable, and an indication that you do not take good care of your smile. Those with discolored or dark teeth who are looking for a way to get them brighter and shinier might turn to teeth whitening treatment. This can be a great way to perfect your smile, but there are some things that patients should consider before proceeding with the treatment.


All teeth whitening sessions should be performed by a dentist. Whitening gels and liquids contain hydrogen peroxide. This is the chemical that is responsible for whitening the teeth. It is important that the right amount of hydrogen peroxide is used, as too much can be damaging. It is also important that the liquid or gel is not applied for too long a time, as this can also be very damaging to the teeth. Dentists are equipped with effective, FDA and ADA approved materials, and have been trained to perform the treatment properly. At-home kits can be dangerous. Some contain more than the appropriate amount of chemicals, and some instruct consumers to leave the product on their teeth longer than is safe. If you do wish to continue treatment at home, your tooth whitening dentist in Northridge may be able to recommend a kit that is safe to use.


It is important to know that most to all whitening treatments from a dentist require the loss of some enamel. This eliminates many of the stains that have developed on your teeth due to coffee, tea, sodas, and hard candies. Your dentist will then be able to whiten the underlying surface of your teeth. This can result in sensitivity to hold and cold substances for a few days after the appointment.

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