Tips for Keeping Your Breath Fresh

Tips for Keeping Your Breath FreshFresh breath is a top smile concern for many people. Garlic, dairy, curries, onion, bacteria, smoking, plaque and other factors can contribute to bad breath and affect you on a social and professional level. Keeping your breath fresh can be as simple as making good dental care second nature and using natural treatments to combat offensive odors.

Brushing, flossing and scraping your tongue are great ways to get rid of plaque, food debris and stinky bacteria. Take the time to work on those hard-to-reach areas to reach all potential plaque and debris deposits that could provide food and shelter for unwanted oral bacteria. Brush at least twice a day or after meals, floss daily and use a tongue scraper to remove more bacteria and potentially smelly deposits.

Along with good dental hygiene, adequate hydration can help keep your smile inoffensive. Water stimulates saliva flow, which then flushes bacteria and debris from your teeth. Sugar-free gums and candies can have the same effect, but watch out for alcohol, soft drinks and similar beverages, which can actually worsen bad breath.

If you still need some extra freshening, try alfalfa tablets or chlorophyll tablets, which can deodorize bad breath. Chewing on a sprig of parsley or mint can have the same effect. Lemons can neutralize onion or garlic breath but should be used sparingly since they also tend to be quite acidic.

Chronic bad breath or breath that does not respond to more conservative measures may be a sign of a more serious problem. Contact our office today to learn more or to schedule your consultation with our Northridge dentist.

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