Tips for Whiter Teeth

Tips for Whiter TeethMaintaining a white smile takes the right combination of healthy dietary choices and good dental habits. Our Northridge cosmetic dentist explains.

• Good dental hygiene habits
If you already brush twice a day and floss daily, you are already well on your way towards a whiter smile. Keeping your teeth and tongue clean reduces the plaque and bacteria that can leave teeth looking discolored and can keep your whole smile healthier. However, only a dentist can get rid of tartar buildup, so visit our dentist about twice a year for the best results.

• A healthy diet
Carbohydrate-rich snacks, candy and highly processed foods are not good for your teeth or your body. Eat a diet full of healthy produce, lean proteins and heart-healthy grains so that your teeth and gums have access to the nutrients they need to stay strong. Look particularly for calcium-rich dairy products that are fortified with vitamin D.

• Prevention
Preventing stains in the first place can reduce your need for treatment. Nicotine, coffee, tea, wine, soft drinks, energy drinks and candy should all be avoided since they can stain and discolor teeth.

• Teeth whitening
We offer several whitening treatments that can power past the superficial stains and reach those stains that are located deep inside the structure of the tooth. These whitening treatments can leave your teeth eight shades brighter and younger-looking than ever before.

Contact our expert in teeth whitening in Northridge to learn more or to schedule your whitening consultation.

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