Tooth Bleaching

Tooth BleachingA tooth bleaching procedure can whiten a discolored or stained smile to new shades of whiteness. Our Northridge cosmetic dentist can complete the procedure quickly. This popular treatment is selected by celebrities and average people to achieve a more confidently white smile. The tooth bleaching treatment provides instant results and satisfaction to patients that demand a brighter smile.

The procedure to complete the tooth bleaching process is simple and safe. After an oral cleaning, the current teeth color is compared to a shade guide. This guide provides a realistic example of the whitening affect that can be achieved. When the color test is complete, a powerful dental bleaching agent is applied directly to the discolored teeth. The bleaching process is accelerated with the use of an alternative light source that begins to penetrate the tooth enamel and produce the whitening effect.
Tooth bleaching is one of the treatments that can successfully whiten and brighten your smile and give you more self-confidence.
When the tooth bleaching procedure is complete, patients will notice an improvement in teeth color. It is typical for shades of whiteness to improve between 2 and 8 shades of maximum whiteness of the tooth enamel. Depending on the level of whiteness desired, patients may see the completed whitening effect delayed for up to 2 weeks. The activated bleaching gel will continue to whiten the teeth during the total curing process.

Our cosmetic dentist in Northridge completes tooth bleaching procedures accurately. Any patient that desires a whiter smile is a perfect candidate for tooth whitening. Any patient that desires a whiter smile is a perfect candidate for tooth whitening. Severe tetracycline stains may not respond well to tooth bleaching and usually need alternative cosmetic treatments. It is common for patients to be extremely happy with the results of a completed tooth bleaching procedure.

In a perfect world, every person would have a perfectly white and straight smile. Our dentist has the knowledge and experience to perform tooth bleaching procedures that provide complete satisfaction to our patients.

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