Tooth Loss and Your General Health

Tooth Loss and Your General Health

Our dental and oral health is a surprisingly good indicator of our overall health. Did you know that many dentists can detect some systemic problems throughout the body simply by looking at your mouth? Furthermore, memory skills and walking ability of older patients who have lost all of their teeth decline much faster than those who still have at least some. Experts surmise that tooth loss can be significant indicator of geriatric health.


A study conducted by researchers at the University College of London tested over three thousand adults over the age of sixty in memory and walking speed tests. The results showed that those with none of their natural teeth performed about ten percent worse than those with some or all of their teeth.


A misconception held by many is that tooth loss is an inevitable event as you age. The truth is, losing teeth is not only preventable, but easily so. An attentive daily hygiene routine supplemented by regular visits to our dentist should be enough to keep you in excellent dental and oral shape.


Patients who have lost teeth typically have several options available to them. Dental implants are the best way to restore health, as it is placed in the jaw and acts just like a natural tooth would. Those who do not have enough jaw bone density or do not wish to undergo the lengthy treatment process can opt for dental bridges, which may work to sustain some health-related factors.


Talk to our expert today to learn more about how tooth loss can affect your overall health.


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