Toothpaste Ingredients You Should Avoid

Toothpaste Ingredients You Should Avoid

Toothpaste marketing may not be more misleading than other products, but you should always be extra careful about what goes in your mouth. Not just a germ hotbed, the human mouth is also incredibly absorbent and can potentially use any chemical you put in it against you. The following is a short list of toothpaste ingredients that may not be doing your health—oral and overall—any favors.



Billed as a fighter against gingivitis—which is technically true—this ingredient is unfortunately also a known disrupter of endocrines. This can lead to any number of oddities and wrongs, from fetal bone malformation to precocious puberty in girls. It is also believed that triclosan can actually act against antibiotics.


Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

Also used in detergents and household cleaning products, SLS is a mimic material that can fool the body into thinking it’s estrogen. It has been linked to breast cancer and infertility. Worst of all, it penetrates the skin easily and stays in the body for as long as 5 days.



This one probably surprises you, as fluoride has been touted as the great tooth redeemer for nearly two decades. While it’s true fluoride forms a protective layer of sorts against cavities, this truth is overstated. Any protective layer of fluoride is precariously thin, and would need much more fluoride than the average person’s intake to actually make a difference. Fluoride is encouraged in children, but children also swallow a lot of it, and too much fluoride can cause neurological and endocrine insufficiencies.


Ask our dentist to recommend a healthy, non-toxic toothpaste, and call today if you're overdue for a teeth cleaning.

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