Treatments for Bad Breath

Treatments for Bad BreathBad breath can leave you feeling self-conscious and uncomfortable, but it is a highly treatable condition. Brushing and flossing can be some of the easiest ways to manage your breath and cut down on odors, but it may not be enough to eliminate some types of bad breath.

1. Water
Medications and certain health problems can leave your mouth dry, which provides oral bacteria with the ideal environment for growth and reproduction. They then release stinky sulfur compounds that leave your friends reeling. Drinking plain water helps stimulate saliva flow and keep your mouth moist so that bacteria do not stand a chance.

2. Fibrous veggies
Celery, cucumbers and other water-rich fibrous vegetables can stimulate saliva flow and mechanically clean the teeth, which reduces the plaque and bacteria buildup that contribute to bad breath. Apples, pears and similar fruits are also good choices. When none of those are available, grab a sprig of parsley, which can do double duty, as it decorates your plate and neutralizes your breath.

3. Green tea
This important source of antioxidants also contains polyphenols, which combat sulfur compounds in the mouth. Drink a cup of straight green tea without sugar or milk, which can worsen brad breath. Because some studies reveal a link between green tea and a reduced risk of gum disease, this bad breath treatment can do double duty.

Another great way to battle bad breath is to keep sugar-free gum on hand. The Xylitol sweetener combats oral bacteria while the gum itself stimulates saliva flow for fresher breath in an instant. If you are struggling with chronic bad breath or bad breath that is accompanied by bleeding gums or other symptoms, you may have gum disease. Contact our dentist in Northridge to schedule your appointment.

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