Velscope SystemEarly detection for oral diseases is an important part of having healthy teeth and gums. Oral cancer or abnormality that is detected in the early stages increases the effectiveness of treatments and total elimination. Our Northridge dentist has invested into the technology and training of the VELscope system as an aid for use with routine oral assessments. This technology produces a safe blue light that illuminates the oral tissues in your mouth and can detect the presence or growth of oral diseases. The entire non-invasive procedure can be completed in just two minutes eliminating the use of mouth rinses or liquid dyes for detection. This visual information is gathered and processed much faster and with higher accuracy compared to a standard oral examination under normal white light.

VELscope System

The VELscope system helps to detect abnormal areas in your mouth, gums, tongue and throat through a unique process known as fluorescence visualization. A series of green, yellow or red lights are emitted that help detect the presence of healthy and unhealthy tissue. This accurate visualization will help our dentist in Northridge to detect oral cancer and administer preventative and corrective procedures much faster. The blue light of the velscope penetrates the epidermis and allows our dentist to diagnose lesions much earlier, since they are usually seen and diagnosed once they break through the epidermis. This early detection could make the difference.

The VELscope system can be documented with modern digital camera photographs for a permanent record of examination that can be compared with your past and future exam results. Our investment in the VELscope system will help you to achieve a cleaner, healthier and more attractive smile when combined with routine oral checkups and our precision dental care.

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